Bobbity Boop

Thursday, May 9, 2013

So... I chopped off my locks after growing it out for almost 2 years. It was time for change plus I really couldn't take the heat anymore, HAIR OVEN. It was so liberating to feel the breeze against my neck. Obviously it wasn't an easy decision! I was hesitating so much days before my appointment at Hairloom and when I was finally at the salon, Peter (my hair stylist) just cut everything off without batting an eyelid. I was so not prepared cause I was still yakking away with Arissa next to me. So when he started cutting I was just in shock and my face was literally like this O.O

A very distressed me.
Saying my final goodbyes to my (deceased) hair. RIP.
SO HOW DO YOU LIKE MY NEW HAIRSTYLE? Well, not really NEW new cause I've always sported a bob ever since I was young. But still! I chopped off a whole chunk of my hair. ;_;

Peter did a little colour touch up as well.
Salon photos by Arissa

Do check out Hairloom's Facebook Page cause there are a couple promotions going on right now! Free hair treatment worth S$95 with each colouring session and 1-FOR-1 haircuts if you book an appointment with your mum. Click on the link above for more details and book your appointment now!