Purple Sparks

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm officially a huge fan of hair treatments now. Never use to believe in hair treatments cause I just felt that it was just another thing hair stylists want to psycho us to do. But now that I have coloured hair, OMG it's so important to do hair treatments every now and then. Don't even talk about bleached hair, as long as you dye your hair, hair treatments = MUST DO.

It's been a month since my hair treatment plus touch up, my hair is (still) more manageable and the colour fading is much slower. My roots were copper red three weeks after my first dye and right now they're still purple one month after my touch up!
Photos by Arissa

The ONE FOR ONE Colouring Promotion is still ongoing till 20th April so make your appointment soon! Le bf went to dye his hair too. Teehee. Oh and did I mention that they have a hair treatment that's S$95 for all hair lengths?!




  1. Your gorgeous do has me missing my purple hair like I never thought posible. It looks so healthy!