Hairloom Time: Lumpy Space Princess

Thursday, March 7, 2013

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My second time at Hairloom and I decided to go for something more adventurous which required *dum dum dum dum* BLEACHING! If you are familiar with the characters in Adventure Time, you would've guessed by now which colour I went for. PURPUR or in human talk PURPLE!

My hair stylist Peter did 3D colouring for me, it's layering of different colours to create a more interesting/attention grabbing look. Everything has to be 3D nowadays y'know. Anyways! He kinda did that for me when I had my green hair but it was a very subtle layering cause I just started colouring my hair hence no crazy crazy.

Back to my current hair, he did three layers for me, bleached the top and bottom section and left the middle section unbleached. Peter explained that by doing this, there would be more contrast between the purples. Bleached my hair once and proceeded to colouring which took REALLY LONG. I felt tired sitting there *coughs*iwasdozingoff*coughs* and I can't imagine how tired the hairstylists are. THANK YOU PETER! ;_;

Photos time! Me thinks I look weird as a blonde.
Photos by Arissa

The photo above is just a sneak of the next post! Hehe. ERMAGERD I LOVE MY HAIR SO MUCH.

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