Blood of an Ox

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yay, we survived Monday! Count down to stuffing our faces with awesome CNY food this weekend! Can't wait.

I've been kind of obsessed with different shades of burgundy for the longest time (okay fine it started about 2 years ago) and it is the only colour (other than black, white and grey) that dominates my wardrobe. So I got myself two new additions to the family recently and well, not so recently.

Zara Bag, S$59.90. The most awesome bag for work, Arissa has one in black.
Celine Fall 2011 Heels, S$200. Went to the FJ bazaar last year and I couldn't resist. It's freaking two hundred bucks.
Hope everyone got their clothes for CNY! If not, go shopping ASAP!

Remember that the Ray-Ban Giveaway is still ongoing till tomorrow night! Don't miss it!



  1. amazing shoes :) beautiful!

  2. Hi, may I know when you got the Zara bag and if it's still available in stores? Thanks! :)

    1. Hello! I got it early Jan during the sales, I don't think it's available anymore though. :)