Post-Flea Syndrome

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Boxing Day! Hope everyone's still alive after stuffing yourself with food for the past two days. More food stuffing will commence soon this weekend cause it's less than a week to NEW YEAR!

Here's what went down at the flea last month. You know.. The usual illegal transactions, cam-whoring, eating unglamorous-ly and taking photos of our new mascot (DUCHESS the corgi). The crowd was awesome, the music was incredible (thank you Linda!) and it didn't rain! We had so much fun that day and I hope for those who came down, you got yourself a good bargain!
Can't thank John (of Streetpeek) enough for all the photos! He came down to help us even though he was in the midst of his finals. THANK YOU JOHN! ;_;

Any suggests for the next flea do let me know by commenting in this post or you can email me as well!


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