Monsieur Margiela

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yes I did plan to queue for the MMM x H&M collection but there were so many mishaps like people who were suppose to queue for us or help us find someone to queue in the afternoon bailed on us. Yes all of them bailed! Poor me and Arissa gave up all hopes cause we had to be at an event and if we went to queue after the event we would be way behind. We pretty much abandoned all hopes already, until YY told me that he was going to the pre-launch party in UK and I immediately ordered told him nicely what we wanted. So YAY he managed to get everything that we wanted, except the Candy Clutch. Damn that item is hot or what, everyone wants that!

Got the Trompe L’oeil Long Sleeved T-shirt (Mens), Flat blazer and two Hair lock necklace (brown and blonde). Love the packaging, it's so pretty! ;_;

Saw this article online about Making The Case Against Fast Fashion Collaborations and it's a good read. Makes you think about what fashion is really all about but I guess it's hard to fight off such collaborations or high street brands cause the consumers drive numbers and investors just love to see numbers increasing don't they? Everyone is materialistic in their own ways but being in the fashion industry makes us more materialistic than the rest.



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