October GiveAways: Goodie Bag 1

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It has been too long since my last giveaway! To make up for it, this month there'd be 3 giveaways! YES THREE!

The first goodie bag for this month is more for the lads but it doesn't mean that the ladies can't win this one cause the goodies inside are pretty much for both genders. If you have a pair of Docs, this is the goodie bag you must get! Let's take a peek inside shall we?

Inside the STYLE shopping bag
1. Dr. Martens Festival Survival Kit that includes:
 - USB Memory Card
 - Disposable Raincoat
 - Pack of Wet Tissues
2. Dr. Martens Shoe Laces
3. Dr. Martens Socks
4. Dr. Martens Shoe Brush
5. Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam
6. SK-II Men Travel Pack that includes:
 - Moisturising Cleanser
 - Moisturiser
 - Facial Treatment Essence

Thank you all so much for taking part in the giveaway, I really appreciate all the comments! The winner of Goodie Bag 1 is Jordus and the consolation winners are Ely, Cherlyn and Cate! Yay congrats you guys! I'll be emailing all of you regarding your prize soon!

Don't fret if you didn't win this time round cause there are TWO more goodie bags up for grabs!