Neck Party

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So here are some necklaces I got recently, three from the Fashion Bloggers' Flea, one from F21 and one from H&M. Got the elephant one from F21 for S$17, neon with thick chain from H&M for S$14.90, gold vintage looking choker from Pia for S$2 (hehehe) and the other two from Emma for S$2 each as well (muahahaha).

Long story short, I was eyeing the feather one for quite some time and Emma told me she was selling it for S$5. So I decided to wait, if no one bought it at the end of the day I'll get it. AND by 5(ish)pm no one bought it so I tried to haggle with Emma by complaining that I got the gold one from Pia for S$2 only (I know I'm cheap sometimes). In the end she offered me S$4 and I bought it. By the way she brought only two necklaces to the flea and I got both of them (LOL). Continuing, Emma didn't manage to sell the other necklace (I told her I liked it as well) and while she was packing after the flea ended, she decided to give it to me since no point bringing it back right? Hence I got 2 necklaces for S$4! Cheap thrills. End of story.

I realised it's quite hard to find a nice and inexpensive Neon necklace. The two necklaces that I wanted to get from Zara were S$39.90 and S$49.90 respectively. Ridiculous. I saw some at H&M but they didn't appeal to me and I was a bit hesitant to get the one at the bottom as well cause it didn't really look that good by itself. Then I figured that I'll just layer it with some of my other necklaces. Looks better layered yes?

PS: I'm using the bigger doughnut sponge thingy!
PPS: Pardon my red and rough face, heat rash. Hate the heat!

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  1. Your face is not red! & I tried that elephant necklace in the store too! & yes the h&m necklace needs to be worn layered! & you definitely got a good steal XD

  2. Love the statement necklaces. I have slowly been trying to accumulate them since I realized how awesome they are.


    1. yes! i've been collecting for quite sometime now. never enough. :)