Get Nailed

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm quite a nail person even though I can't draw fancy stuff on my own nails. Well, I can draw using my right hand but when it's time to switch sides, it's as if I got a stroke and the nails on my right hand would look like a 5 year old scribbled on them. Hence I stick to solid colours with no design whatsoever.

This is an example of what my nails usually look like, plain solid colour.

And this is one of the designs that my manicure sponsor, Jenrine of Everyday I'm Polishin', did for me!

Thank god for cheap mani/pedi in BKK! I got these #totesadorbs bunny nails at S$24 for everything! I'm so depressed that they're gone now, I cried a little when they were removed from my nails. And now my nails are metallic silver cause my convocation gown stripes are lilac and silver. THURSDAY! AHH!




  1. Cute nails. I am a complete failure at painting my own nails, so I tend to go to a pedicurist. Because I work in food service I can't have nail polish on, sadly.


    1. aw man that sucks, pedi alone is never enough. :(