Blue-tifully Broken

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Geddit geddit? Hur hur.

Got the feather diamante necklace from Emma during the Fashion Bloggers' Flea! We actually agreed to stay off each others' items during the flea cause we just can't go buying each others' stuff and (end up) bringing more stuff home right? But we just couldn't help it! I got 3 necklaces, Dawn got a couple items from me and Lenne, Arissa got a necklace from me, Fatiha got a top from me and Emma got a bangle from Arissa. I'm not sure if Lenne and Pia got anything (and if the rest bought more stuff) from the flea but I won't be surprise if they did. LOL.

On another subject, I got a bigger doughnut sponge for my bun (not used in this post though)!

Top, TheScarletRoom. BF jeans, Et Boite. Feather diamante necklace, Flea market. Round shades, H&M. Leather shoulder bag, YSL Easy. Zebra print strappy heels, Topshop.

I'm going to Bangkok on Thursday! Any awesome (food/shopping/touristy) places that I should visit?




  1. Love the boyfriend jeans with those heels :)Cool necklace too. I first found your blog after searching for the Aldo Giffee Heels, soon as I saw them on you I bought them in the Asos sale. They look great on you.
    Check out my blog :)

  2. nice outfit!
    i've never really figured out how to use those donut-shaped bun thingies for your hair. :/ even after watching countless youtube videos. i think my hair is just too thin to use it :(

    have fun in bangkok!

    1. thank you! haha ya. took me a few times to get used to it. :)

  3. Lenne got a dress from me, yay! You know they have JCs there right? I asked my senior manager to help me get the Soiree there when she went recently because they were cheaper. They were having like sales so there was like store wide discount but unfortunately my size ran out. Bummer!

    1. WHAT DRESS?! haha. ya i know they have JCs there but not really keen on them unless there's a huge sale.

  4. Visit Vanilla Garden & Spring & Summer! Oh, and also visit Asiatique, & Rod Fai Night Market (Go after you visit JJ)!

  5. love this outfit..that necklace really finished it off nicely!