Stark Whyte

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just received these two lovelies from ASOS yesterday. I don't know what's with me and white bags recently, overly obsessed with them right now.

Got the clutch with neon pocket and trimmings cause it's £7.50 (S$15)! How could I pass that up? Plus it's so spacious that I think I can even put my Nikon D40 in it. As for the cross body bag, I've been searching for a suitable one for quite sometime already and I found this at £14 (S$28). HELLO?! Needed to get it like immediately. Plus it's a reminiscent of Miu Miu Spring RTW 2011. Who says we can't rock past season items?




  1. I love the neon accents on that one, it will look so good in the hot summer! I like the other one too, but that is just because I adore black and white.

    I used to have a large white bag from Nine West... and then my evil roommate's cat peed on it and I had to throw it out. :(


    1. that's the thing about white bags! i'm like 100x more aware of the dirt and dust around me cause i don't want my bag to get dirty.

  2. Hey Venetia, if I may ask, how did the AS0s parcel arrive at your place? reg or norm mailing? I have just recently placed my first order with ASOS and am unsure of their mailing and stuff:( and is there any way to keep track of the mail? Have just checked their web and it states that my parcel is shipped on 03/07/2012, does that mean it will be arriving anytime next week? oh and last last thing, are they open to exchanges of sizes for clothing? Thank you so much for reading and hopefully you will be able to lend your help here dear! Thanks a million!!:)

    1. hello! they don't provide tracking but they wouldn't just leave it outside your place. if no one's home to collect the parcel then they'll leave a slip where you can go Singpost online and request for a re-delivery or you can go to the nearest post office to collect it yourself. yours would probably arrive next next week and yes they do accept returns and exchange.