Seven Summer Outfits with Zalora

Thursday, July 12, 2012


So the very kind and helpful peeps at Zalora asked me to pick out seven outfits from the site for this post! When I first heard seven outfits, I was panicking. No shit! I scrambled and used my eyes to virtually flip the whole website inside out to choose these awesome pieces, which (IMO) are all very suitable for our climate here and of course applicable to current trends. Duh!

Enjoy the (super long) post!

This one-piece was the first I picked cause it looks so comfy! And damn was it a good choice cause I totally love the silky pyjamas material plus it flatters my body shape (heavy bottom alert).

One-piece jumpsuit, BCBG Max&Cleo. Metallic heel sandals, Zoom Summer. Leather jacket & belt, my own.

Peplum tops, a must have for this season! Usually I would wear a blazer with this outfit but it was too freaking warm and I gave up. Oh and I really love the necklace, #totesamaze! Plus it comes in so many other colours!

Peplum tank top, Vero Moda. Jaguar chain choker, Evie. Platform pumps, Shito. Bandage skirt, my own.

This is considered one of my favourite combi for a lazy outfit. Light knit top with my trusty leather shorts and of course with a good pair of shoes.

Cropped knit top, Only. Platform sandals, Vrinz. Leather shorts, my own.

If you've been reading FOYF long enough, you'd know that I love a good maxi dress. Adore this dress cause you can wear it to a beach vacation or you can totally jazz it up with gold accessories and wear it for a formal event! I totally forgot to wear my gold choker with this dress, only realised when I was changing out of it. Dang.

Toga maxi dress, Winter Kate. Cat-eye shades, House of Harlow. Printed platform sandals, Vrinz. Gold bangles, my own.

This is more of an experimental outfit for me. I don't think you'd ever see me out with this outfit but I still think that it looks not bad, yes?

Slit shoulder top, Evie. Metallic flare shorts, Pauline Ning. Round shades, Swing Collection. Metallic heel sandals, Zoom Summer.

My second favourite out of the bunch (after the one-piece)! Surprise surprise! It's a dress! I really like this dress cause really basic and it's really good for different types of looks. For me, I wouldn't want to look too feminine (obviously) so I went for more "hardcore" accessories. OMG, did I mention how much I love those shoes!

Silver crinkled shift dress, The Station. Stiletto sandals, Charles&Keith. Necklace, my own.

The top and bottom combi is a very standard all-black-outfit BUT I wanted try something different so I styled it with colourful accessories! I think I should start wearing more earrings, especially when I bun up my hair. Big earrings come to mama!

Open back top, Evie. Boho earrings, Evie. Printed platform sandals, Vrinz. Leather shorts, my own. 

Photos by Mr H

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What do you think of the outfits? LET ME KNOW!




  1. The maxi dress is my favorite, but I am oddly partial to the first one-piece. I usually dislike one-pieces, but the pants in this one make it look a bit more like a dress and the vertical stripes seem good for someone with wide hips (like me!).


    1. yeaps! the vertical stripes = life saver! haha

  2. Hey! For the Slit Shoulder Top, what colour is the top exactly? Material? Thks alot for sharing in advance!

    1. hello! it's white and made of polyester. it's very sheer and light.

  3. oh love the striped piece! Would get it if I had spare cash lying around

  4. hi, how high would you say the vrinz printed platforms are? Couldnt find the height on the website:/ thank you!

    1. hello! i would say it's more than 10cm, probably around 12cm?