Arguing with Myself

Monday, June 18, 2012

I've been a homebody recently (which explains the lack of outfit photos) cause it's the holidays! Plus I'm allowed to work from home so I'm mostly in my slacks = chui (can't be seen by anyone). Side tracking, the weather's been excruciating recently and I really can't survive a day out with my hair let down. Okay back to the "lack of outfits" problem. I can't wait for Pia to get back so that we can go on our foodie excursions and it gives me an excuse to wear all things nice in my wardrobe. With Pia, there's no dressing down. Side tracking again, I'm vegetarian now (for a month).

Wore this out for my weekly meet up with YY.

Tank, H&M. Combine sleeve jacket, Zara. Shades, Aldo. Necklaces, China. Watch & Bracelet, ASOS. Clutch, Korea. Booties, Sam Edelman Zoe.




  1. HAHAHAHA. You just made my night <3
    6 more days till I'm back!

    PS. The jacket looks great