This Versus That

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm still obsessed over the shoes from Versus SS2012! This Versus That, geddit geddit? Hur hur. I've blogged about it, instagram-ed it and tweeted about it numerous times, lost count. Quite determined to get them this time round cause they are on sale! OMG, sales everywhere. Kill me please before I spend on something else.

The pastel blue ones are totally out of stock (can't find them anywhere else), I guess the pastel yellow ones are really pretty too but there is one thing that's holding me back. You know how Chinese have different skin tones (if you didn't know, now you know)? Like some people lean towards the reddish tone and some towards yellowish. Well, I'm one of those with the yellowish skin tone and I try to avoid wearing yellow stuff. So.. I'm not really sure if the pastel yellow pair would suit me. Totally stuck on which pair to get right now, both pairs are so pretty.

Should I go for the Pastel Yellow or Black?

Patent leather and mesh slingbacks, US$417.

Patent leather and mesh pumps, US$435.

Photos from Net-a-Porter




  1. The pastel yellow definitely has a girl-ier edge, and is honestly very sweet looking haha! I understand you about the yellow thing, I look horrid in yellow, but maybe pastel yellow wouldn't be so bad? The black ones are pretty unique, but you probably have a lot of black shoes already, maybe a yellow pair won't hurt? ^^

    Sales! \o/

    Cheers, Liz (rednotion@bs)

    1. haha one minute i'm leaning towards the black and the next i'll be leaning towards the yellow. so stress!

  2. I prefer the black ones! I think the design looks nicer also