AFF2012 x Street Style Part Three

Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm definitely seeing more well dressed dudes at events now-a-days.

Thai fashion student rocking the all white outfit!

The ever stylish Imran is camera shy. Can you believe that he wore that exact same blazer when he came over to my place to shoot me for the ST Urban article? Oh my god, thank you Imran for enduring the heat!

Marni for H&M galore! How cute is this outfit?

Just when I thought that it's going to be a relaxing week, more work! And GAGA tomorrow night!




  1. Love the marni outfit and the high socks! Just kind of curious what the Thai student is holding in his hand hahaha is it a random ball of fabric or his actual belongings lmao.

    Have fun tomorrow (:

    Cheers, Liz (rednotion@bs)