Release the Katrantzou!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Okay I'm trying to be funny by changing the phrase from Clash of the Titans.

Anyhoos, got the Mary K for Topshop t-shirt (along with orders from Lenne and Arissa) during the preview last Friday. Which, by the way, was right before Pia's show so imagine me eyeing all the pieces, checking if it's 7pm every few seconds, grabbing all the items within a minute when the clock struck seven and dashing like a mad woman from Knightsbridge to Scape right after I paid for the items.

There were only one piece per size (not all the sizes were available for the Mary K for Topshop collection) for the preview so everyone was damn impressed that I managed to get everything that they wanted, even I was amazed by my speed. *Shopping prowess unleashed*

T-shirt, Mary Katrantzou for Topshop NewGen. Cape blazer, TheScarletRoom. Chunky bangle, Marni. Leather tote, China. Booties, Alexander Wang Constance.

Photos by Emma




  1. Good fer ya! I ambled my way there on Saturday at 4, but it was a bit too late the Gareth Pugh one I was eyeing was sold out ;A; And I wasn't fond enough of the Jonathan Saunders Transformers pullover to pay $90 for it ;A;

    1. ya 4pm was a bit too late! the pieces were flying off the shelves cept for the sweaters, still available in KB i think. haha

  2. Loveeeeeee your newgen t!! How much is it retailing for? And is it still avail at Knightsbridge? :)

    1. thank you!!! got it at SGD69 but it's not available in stores alr! u can try though!