Reebonz 3rd Anniversary Party

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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The Reebonz (say ribbons, not ree-bondz) team invited me down to Avalon for their 3rd Anniversary Party last Wednesday! Though I'm not a huge fan of events in clubs (cause of the bad lighting), I enjoyed myself cause the apple cider that they were serving was awesome plus the music was pretty good as well. Emma and I were ogling at the bags for awhile when we first got there and decided that we shouldn't tempt ourselves with all the pretty bags (special discounted prices for that night) so we retreated to a less crowded spot to chill and people-watch while sipping our ciders. I must say I was pretty impressed with the crowd that night, the atmosphere was great and everyone was dressed up nicely, toting their Chanels and Balenciagas.

But that's not all, as if booze, shopping and the entertainment weren't enough, they were giving away 3 bags to three very lucky attendees that night! Mulberry, Chloe and Hermes! Yea I'm still bit disappointed that I didn't win any of the bags, I'm not very lucky when it comes to lucky draws. No matter, still had a good time at the party and I even asked them what brand of apple cider they brought in so that I could get some for myself next time. Heh.

Photos from Reebonz

What I wore to the party. Please excuse my tummy, we just had dinner. Got the skirt from ASOS for £15 cause it's so pretty and it reminded me of the Givenchy skirts that I was lusting over. For 30bucks I just had to get it if not I'll regret it for life.

Print sweater, Topshop. Pencil skirt with mesh hems, ASOS. Rings, H&M. Ponyhair clutch, China. Strappy wedge, Dolce Vita Sali.

Photos by Emma

If you missed the party last week, no frets cause you can get those bags (yes those on a special discount!) from Reebonz now! The event ends this Saturday 31st March at 12pm so go check it out if you're a member and if you're not, SIGN UP NOW!



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