The Real Slim Shady

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here's the promised post featuring my shades collection! I'm more of a cheap shades person cause I don't just wear one pair all the time, I need them shades to go with my outfits so I need a lot of designs to rotate between. If all my shades were expensive (think Le Specs,Karen Walker,Linda Farrow), I would be eating grass and chewing on bark right now. One day, I'll get a pair of Karen Walkers, LOVE those shades. But till then, I'll just stick to my cheap ones.

Left row (from bottom to top): Aldo, Quay, F21, D&G, Nasty Gal.
Middle row: H&M, Aldo, Urban Outfitters, ASOS, F21, F21.
Right row: Vintage, H&M, H&M, Urban Outfitters, China.

Pouches I use for my shades. The top one is a recent purchase from H&M for S$3.90 and the bottom one I got it from Urban Outfitters some time ago for US$10. Just received another pouch I got from ASOS, will take a photo of it another time!




  1. i almost bought the h&m pouch for my sunglasses too! but i worry that using a pouch instead of a case wouldn't prevent my sunglasses from being squashed by other things in my bag... what's your experience with them like so far?

    1. i'm alright with pouches. ya they do get squashed sometimes but so far so good, no casualties. haha. i don't like to use cases cos they are too bulky.

  2. hey! so sorry to bother you, but how did you achieve such lips in your post? do you mind sharing the products(lipsticks? lip gloss?) used? TIA dear!!

    1. hello! i don't use lipstick or gloss. i apply vaseline lipbalm everyday.