Friday, February 3, 2012

Not feeling my best for the past couple of days due to insensitive and incompetent people. When I feel down I go on a major online shoe spree, visiting all the websites that have pretty shoes on sale. Not that I manage to get any super gorgeous ones (goodbye Givenchy Nicholas Kirkwood Giuseppe) but I manage to get a couple pairs *cough*or four*cough* which adds up to less than three hundred dollars so I'm feeling better right now cause I'm so excited. Can't wait for them to reach me! Need to shop smart now-a-days. I thought about how the shoes can go with my wardrobe, their lifespan and many many other factors before I got them.

One more CNY gathering outfit with family friends. I was rushing out so I totally didn't accessorise at all!

Top, Topshop. Jacket, ASOS. Pants, Zara. Shades, UrbanOutfiters. Heels, Dolce&Gabanna.