Tough Love

Friday, January 6, 2012

What I wore to meet up with YY, we meet up like almost every other week now. A few people asked me who is YY and one thought that he's my bf, he's not. You know how some girls have gay BFFs who are really into fashion? Well, YY is my gay BFF except that he's NOT GAY. Geddit geddit? The focal point here is that he's not gay, I have to clarify this otherwise he'll chop me up into a million pieces. He's very available as well, email me if you want to get to know him. He pampers and treats his girl well (just saying). Hehehe.

Enough advertising for YY.

I finally wore my most hardcore looking shoes in my collection right now, got them at the Wittner sale for around S$100. They are surprisingly quite comfortable judging by the killer pointy toe.

Top, H&M. Leather jacket, Zara. Pants, Korea. Necklace & Bracelet, Fashionology. Clutch, Alexander Wang. Heels, Wittner.




  1. Killer shoes, always am a sucker for anything studded.

  2. emma: i know that you'd love them! hahaha.