Steel & Concrete

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I wore to the Art Stage last week with Lenne. I'm not a very artsy person so the Art Stage was kind of overwhelming for me cause the place was so huge with hundreds of artists exhibiting. BUT it was a great experience and it really opened my eyes to the arts. Lenne being my "art guide" for that night was just awesome cause she's noob and I'm noober. The whole night we just went, "What a splendid piece of art!" and different variations of such sentences. Please don't judge us! We really do appreciate all the art pieces but we had no idea what to say. Hee.

Maxi dress, H&M. Leather jacket, Zara. Ring, H&M. Ponyhair clutch, China. Shoes, Sam Edelman.




  1. Love the outfit! (I did mention that the other day, didn't I?