Preview of the Empress

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seizure is the shitz. She edited this so fast it's like me running for discounted shoes.

You can spot me begging Lenne for something (I REALLY DON'T REMEMBER DOING THAT) and fooling around with the wigs (MARK FORCED ME). Those aren't the main focus of this video, please check out those freaking awesome headpieces made by Melissa! She did the last piece on the spot while we were shooting the first three looks! She's like the awesome-est ever!

Photographer: Lenne Chai
Stylist: Venetia Sng
Hair: Mark Cheng
Makeup: Elyn Khoo
Assistants: Jean Goh Seizure, Angie Ng

Models: Erika P (Upfront), Katya K (Upfront)

All headpieces crafted by Melissa Chan
Video edited by Jean Goh Seizure
Music: Kids by MGMT



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