Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thanks for all the emails that everyone's been sending me regarding the job opening! I'll try to get back to everyone asap!

I'd be so deprived of black outfits and super busy next week cause it's Chinese New Year! I'm super pantang (superstitious) about such traditions so I've never worn a black outfit during CNY. However I do wear black jackets or cardigans but it's outerwear so it doesn't count. I always try to wear dresses during this period cause it's more "family appropriate" but it's so not me so I usually wear them once or twice only. Oh oh! And I hate the whole last minute rush for CNY clothes (it has been happening for the past few years), but it's so hard to find dresses that I really like - it can't be too frilly and yet it can't be too sexy/edgy. So troublesome, I know. So I started planning early this year cause I was determined not to go through the whole process again. AND I FINALLY GOT ALL MY CLOTHES FOR CNY! Hell yeah.

Blouse, TheScarletRoom. Mesh tank, Zara. Shades, H&M. Bag, YSL. Boots, Vagabond Dee.



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