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Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I got recently from the sales! My wallet is weeping and shrinking at the same time.

Just realised that I've been purchasing quite a bit of white tops recently, I don't know what's causing that. Maybe it's a sign but I don't understand what it's trying to tell me, I should go shopping more to see what other "signs" I'd get. Hur hur. Actually I got a green top as well but it's in the laundry right now, you'll see it in the next outfit post.

I've been wearing my trusty black pants from Topshop almost every other day! Decided to get a couple more pairs so that I can rotate between them. Got a pair of straight cuts from Zara (on sale) and another pair from H&M Conscience Collection. I love the pair I got from H&M cause it's pure cotton, so comfy I can die in it.

Long sleeve striped top from Zara (on sale) and a mandarin collar top from Feist Heist. I've got a soft spot for mandarin collars, I CANNOT RESIST THEM.

Long sleeve shift dress from Zara (on sale) and accessories from H&M.

Antelope print tank from Bugis, it's only ten bucks.

I got quite a few more items for my Chinese New Year outfits but that will have to wait.

In the mean time,
新年快乐, 身体健康
事事如意, 心想事成
in advance to all my readers who are celebrating Chinese New Year! Huat ar!



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