The Bittersweet Science

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wore this for some last minute visiting plus a couple of interview sessions last Wednesday. I love those Bottegas that I got from my US trip last year but it's a bitch to wear out seriously. If you look closely there's a knot (caused by all the leather cords) in the middle of the shoe which rests right on top of my foot and the knots press on to the top of my feet so it's super painful after a couple of hours in those. I wore them for 8 hours straight when I brought them out for the first time, I almost died. So pretty but such a pity.

The watch was a birthday gift from Pia. I love everything about it except for the straps, need to go change it soon.

Top & Pants, Zara. Shades, ASOS. Clutch, Everyday Life Store. Watch, ASOS. Wedges, Bottega Veneta.




  1. those shoes are gorgeous I love that color candy painted bright plum shade is so pretty and the detailed braiding the shoe! I feel slightly faint

  2. What a gorgeous watch!! ^o^ The shoes look very painful though, I hope your feet are alright >:

    1. remember i wore this to party with u guys?! my feet died that night. LOL