2013 Rises

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 flew by too fast. I'll be looking forward to the new year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE EVERYONE! Thank you for all the support this year.
Batman sweater, TB. Necklaces, Korea & F21. Shades, ASOS.


A Piece of Hairloom

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sponsored post.

My journey on how I got green hair.

I've been itching to get my hair dyed for the past few months cause I was so sick of having brown/red/reddish brown/brownish red/fifty shades of brown hair. Plus I saw this photo of a girl with the most gorgeous ashy green hair on Tumblr (yes I'm active on Tumblr, go follow me now!) and I decided that I wanted to try something like that soon. A couple weeks later at the Underground Market Flea, my primary school friend Kerrie came down, we chatted for quite a bit and she told me about her doing marketing for Hairloom. She asked if I was interested if they were to sponsor me and BOOM, here I am with green hair.

Well, not immediately! I went to the salon last Tuesday to get my hair done and it took around 4-5hours which is really fast (I think). I was hesitant at first cause it was my first time doing such a colour but Peter (senior stylist at Hairloom) assured me that it wasn't going to be overly loud and he continued to explain how he was going to do my hair using technical terms which I can't remember. Really glad that he did my hair cause he understood what I wanted but he changed it up a bit as well so that it would suit me better.

Okay enough yakking. Photos time! Many thanks to Kerrie, came down specially to help me take photos!
To sum up the whole process, lightened my hair once ($100), had the hair on the crown of my head dyed ash brown and the rest green ($280), layered and cut my fringe ($45). So if I had to pay for it, it would be $425 in total.

But but! The products they used were really awesome, my hair dye was from the Goldwell Elumen GN@ALL, it doesn't make your hair all frizzy and dry. I understand cause my hair gets really dry and tangles easily after DIY dye. My hair condition is still great after 7 washes! Though some of the colour dropped at my hair ends, it's because the hair ends aren't as healthy as the hair near your roots so the colour won't stay as long.

According to colour/bleach experts *coughs*Lenne Arissa Pia*coughs*, colours usually fade within a week or two but I have to say my green is still at pretty good shape. Though it's not as vibrant, it didn't fade to a yucky colour. As you can see from the photos, it's a very subtle ash green which suits me very well me thinks, the colour shows more when there's more light. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! ;_;

There will be a special promotion for my readers soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Did I mention that they have a cafe next to the salon?

Contact: 6295 2088
Address: 100 Beach Road #01-50 Shaw Towers Singapore 189702
Opening hours: 11.00 – 20.30
Mon – Sat
Closed on Sundays

For more information do check out Hairloom on these sites!


Tibi Resort 2013

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Corals and Lobsters! Plus those blue fade out bottoms with black sweaters. I love I love I love.



Post-Flea Syndrome

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Boxing Day! Hope everyone's still alive after stuffing yourself with food for the past two days. More food stuffing will commence soon this weekend cause it's less than a week to NEW YEAR!

Here's what went down at the flea last month. You know.. The usual illegal transactions, cam-whoring, eating unglamorous-ly and taking photos of our new mascot (DUCHESS the corgi). The crowd was awesome, the music was incredible (thank you Linda!) and it didn't rain! We had so much fun that day and I hope for those who came down, you got yourself a good bargain!
Can't thank John (of Streetpeek) enough for all the photos! He came down to help us even though he was in the midst of his finals. THANK YOU JOHN! ;_;

Any suggests for the next flea do let me know by commenting in this post or you can email me as well!


Joyeux Noël

Monday, December 24, 2012

The outfit I wore for the Underground Market flea exactly one month ago! Got the zebra print tee from the JW Anderson x Topshop collection, coincidentally I have a pair of zebra print heels from Topshop as well AND just so happen that I bought the Marty (Zebra from Madagascar) headband when I went to USS this year. So ya I was a zebra that day, totally didn't plan this.

Zebra print t-shirt, JW Anderson x Topshop, Grey pants, TB. Round shades, H&M. Zebra print strappy heels, Topshop. 

Photos by John 

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody! 


Teddy Girl

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Did this shoot with the wonderful Maty from Looque a few months back. She's easily one of the best models we've shot cause everything she did was just magical (even in between poses). Took probably slight more than an hour to finish shooting her in three outfits.


Photographer: Lenne Chai 
Stylist: Venetia Sng 
Hair: Mark Cheng 
Makeup: Rei Tan

Model: Maty Matsusevich (Looque) 
Assistant: Peixin Tan 
Featuring apparel by: Topshop


Anything Could Happen

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My not-so-newly-dyed hair that Pia did for me when she was back right before the flea (and she'll be back soon for Christmas yay!). If you don't follow me on Instagram / Twitter / Tumblr, you might have missed the memo that I have green hair now. I know it's the most drastic change in hair colour (IN MY LIFE! EVER!) but I love it so much! More photos soon!

My first floral pair of shoes! ALDO Rise x Preen Gillote Print Booties from Lenne and YY as my birthday present. Thank you guys so much (pardon me but I'll be virtual crying a lot on this blog cause all my emotions were cooped up for too long) . ;_;
Military green tank dress, T by Alexander Wang. Leather mix neoprene jacket, H&M. Horn necklace, Topshop. Hair lock necklace, Maison Martin Margiela with H&M. Pony hair clutch, TB. Gillote floral print booties, ALDO Rise x Preen.

Photos by Emma



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So sorry for not updating right after the site was launched, was crazy busy with back to back shoots on Sunday and Monday. No worries cause I'm back for good! Yay!

Overdue posts for the coming two weeks!

Linda sent me this awesome Jewel Tee (which I've been eye-ing for quite some time) and the Organza Jacket (still available in white!) a few weeks ago. I just so happen to receive my pink pants from ASOS so why not wear them together?!
Pink jewel tee & Black organza jacket, sponsored by YESAH. Pink pants, ASOS. Perspex reflective shades & Silver clutch, TB. Lucite pumps, Zara.

Photos by Pia

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