Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It has been a long time since my last purchase from Charles&Keith, not that I'm against them or anything but they do have the ugliest knock-offs sometimes. Checked out the store a few days back and this pair of snake skin slipper loafers caught my eye. There are so many stores selling slipper loafers now and they are all kind of ugly (eg.Rubi). But this pair isn't that bad, looks good and quite affordable compared to places like Topshop and Aldo. So I thought "Ah what the heck" and I bought them.

By the way the pony hair slipper loafers I got from Aldo is on sale now! Usual price $139 and now it's ~$93! Go grab one if you've been thinking of getting it. It's very comfy! I'm thinking if I should get a spare pair cause I've been abusing my current pair so much. Hur hur.




  1. omg at which aldo store did you see them on sale? i've been trying to spot your pony hair loafers every time i step into an aldo store but to no avail!!!

  2. zzZDooRbEllZzz: i can't remember which store but i was around orchard ION/WISMA/TAKA?

  3. saw this pair too! and high 5! my last c&k pair i bought was 6 years ago! YES! nearly bought this one but my feet is wide. so yeah. i had to give it a pass! another high 5 for the same great taste! :3

  4. airshotgun: yea it's bit narrow but it's so pretty!