Loot Post

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

As I've said in the previous post, I didn't manage to get much cause I watched the items disappeared one by one in front of me while waiting for my turn. It was excruciating. The men's stuff were flying off the shelves faster than the women's. Guys these days. Tsk! I couldn't get anything my brother wanted cause it was what every other guy wanted (studded tee, leather bracelet and high cut sneakers).

Well, I manage to wrestle out (exaggerating) 4 items from the collection and I did all the shopping way before the 10 minutes was up cause I had my eyes on all the items before I went in. Eyes on the prize. This might be good news to some of you cause I've decided to sell the black dress I got so it'll be up on my selling site soon.

Never in a million years would I expect myself to get that skirt but I did cause I love the crocodile print so much! Love at first sight. And the men's wool sweater was a last minute decision, I grabbed it for my brother but he didn't want it so I decided to keep it for myself.

Crocodile > Palm trees.

I wanted the choker so bad but ya, I saw the last one taken away by some lady. My heart was broken (for like a few minutes).

But as a consolation, I got the bracelet! Yay.

Please credit my site if you're using my images, much appreciated.

Tonnes of stuff up at ShopWithYourFingers (including the Versace dress), go check it out now!