In My Shoe Closet

Monday, November 14, 2011

Oppsy. So sorry for being away over the weekend, took a break from blogging.

Anyways, the shoe post is finally here! Did a little packing of the shoe room and decided to take photos of some of my favourite shoes right now. I think this is around half of my shoe collection, the rest are just basic flats, sandals and strappy heels for wedding dinners plus my DM boots.

The Blacks.
1st Row (L-R): Topshop Zebra Print Chunky Heels, Vagabond Dee, Aldo Pony Hair Slipper Flats, Aldo Maune.
2nd Row: Dolce Vita Sali, Crocodile Print Leather with Red Chunky Heels, Lanvin for H&M Stilettos, Lanvin Pumps, Steve Madden Platform Heels.
3rd Row: Sam Edelman Zachery, Zoe Wittner Corset Stilettos, Charlotte Olympia inspired Stripe Wedge Booties, Acne Atacoma.

The Whites and Neutrals.
1st Row (L-R): Marni-ish White Wedges, Dolce&Gabbana Chunky Heel Sandals, Asymmetrical Pointy Stilettos.
2nd Row: Urban Outfitters Flatforms, Zoe Wittner Stiletto Pumps, Miu Miu Platform Sandals.

The Coloured.
1st Row (L-R): Bimba&Lola Leopard Print Heeled Brogues, Bottega Veneta Woven Patent Leather Wedges.
2nd Row: Topshop Unique Tassle Wedges, Alexander Wang Constance, Julian Louie for Aldo Wedges.

The I-Don't-Know-What-Category.
Acne Hybria Sue, Marc Jacobs Metallic Heels.

That's all (for now)! I definitely need more shoes.




  1. An extensive collection you have there V!


  2. What... mine is tiny compared to yours!

  3. Viona: u need to buy more shoes!

  4. I'm a coloured shoe person, so I'm in love with the 3rd collection. You should wear your Bottega Veneta wedges more often - they are absolutely brilliant!

  5. krystalleee: yea i know! i love them so much but they are a pain to wear out. :(

  6. Wow i'm super impressed. Adore your shoe collection. Anyway, I see that you're from singapore too! Will you tell me how to you maintain your shoes and keep them from moldy in the humid weather? My shoes go moldy very easily :( and also, how/where do you keep them? What do you use to clean them? Sorry for asking so many questions! But I really don't know who else to ask. Thank you!

    You may visit me at

  7. Uli: aw thanks! oh we have a shoe closet under the stairs and my mum placed a bag of charcoals to keep the room odourless and i think it helps with the humidity as well. if u're not keen on charcoals u can try dehumidifiers like Hungry Hippo?