No Sound But the Wind

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I can't help but dress in dull colours when it's autumn (not that we have 4 seasons here in Singapore, more like 2, rainy and hot as hell). But it's starting to get chilly due to all the rain so three cheers to that! I can't wait to wear my furry jacket, yes I do wear that when it's a 25degree weather + in an air conditioned room, it's basically winter in Singapore already. Make do people, make do.

Anyways, I've decided to do a Day and Night outfit thingy. Wore the same blouse to school and to an event after. Oh and I finally got a replacement for my dying leather jacket from Korea, it looks almost identical to my old one (what I love about it) but it's not real leather (what I hate about it).

This is the school outfit. I've been tying my hair up a lot recently, it's getting long (at an irritating length).

Blouse, Bangkok. Leather jacket, Zara. Pants, Topshop. Accessories, H&M. Shades, UO. Bag, YSL. Shoes, Aldo.




  1. I definitely do not miss the heat in Singapore... Although I think I prefer it over freezing weather! Love your shoes (:


  2. Sara: the weather is perfect now! haha thanks! :)