Massimo Dutti Fall 2011 x 20.08.11

Friday, September 2, 2011

Attended the cutest show (like ever!) a couple weeks back. Massimo Dutti Kids is now available in Singapore! Pia, Lenne and I were squealing like we've never seen such cute kids before. I love those super huge bows on those kids, TOO ADORABLE!

Here's some inspiration for parents out there! Dress your kids like this and not like they're going to perform for getai.

They featured some key pieces from the Men's and Women's collection as well.

Isn't he like the cutest thing ever!

Stylish kid spotted! She's wearing rider pants! Good choice mummy.

I couldn't help LOL-ing at the boy when he posed for our photo. WHY SO CUTE!

Start dressing up your kids mummies!



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