ION & Harper's Bazaar Exhibition x 31.08.11

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Went for the prize presentation a couple weeks back with Lenne! The exhibition is at ION Level 1, right smack in the middle of the mall. I think it'll be up for a month or so, go check it out! Other then featuring the published photos of the Photography Award, they are featuring iconic editorials (of the past year) from Harper's as well.

Photo: Stolen from Bettie's (our MUA for this shoot) FB

Some photos of what went on that night.

If I remember correctly, that is ION's CEO presenting the awards.

Winners plus the people from ION and Harper's.

Have to highlight her, she just got her hair done. Hur hur.

With our (not very big) photo at the exhibition!

This was the photoshoot that changed it all. It was where we moved from "noobs" to "somewhat alright". Hur hur. We've been working together for 9 months now (been friends for almost a year) and I'm so glad that I got to know Lenne from the F3 Style Scouts programme. Cause if I didn't, I think I'd just be dragging my ass and delaying my plans of becoming a stylist. We push each other in different aspects of life and of course there were conflicts along the way but I'm glad that we can be honest with each other.

Okay getting emotional.

GOOD JOB MATE! We've made it through the difficult period and may we HUAT ar (prosper)!

Love you partner!




  1. this is such a stunning (minus my very fake smile), touching and moving post, brb weeping~