Uniqlooks x 28.07.11

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Went for the Uniqlooks event a couple weeks back to support Viona!

 It was a fun event cause everyone there was cheering for someone.

YY getting photographed by Urban for the "Hey Good Looking" section.

Urban writer, Imran, interviewing Pia for the section. They were featured in last last week's issue. I know I've yet to scan the issue where I was featured! I will! Soon! Along with Pia + YY's. Promise!

I turned the lens on Imran, time for pay back! Hur hur. Him looking preppy and slightly rugged at the same time, me likey. New trend, prep-rug? Just in case if you were wondering, his awesome blazer is from Topman.

YY's new Lanvin sandals. Jealous.

The people who made the event even more awesome than it is already.

And the competition begins!

The judges.

My favourites from the Top 20.

Viona got into the second round, Top 10!

My favourites from the Top 10.

Voting time!

This one's for YY, who couldn't stop gushing about how pretty Felicia Chin was.

Annoucing the winners! Check out the contestants, all of them were staring at the piece of paper Utt was holding.

The Top 4!

And the 2 winners! Bloggers FTW. Yay!

Nick from

And my fellow V! She just got back from the States not long ago and she's going back again?! Darn it.

Congrats to Nick and Viona! Have fun in NYC!



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