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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I wore.

I was going for Grandma Chic that day, my skirt and shoes were particularly popular amongst the ladies.

Top, Lucyd Acyd. Skirt, Korea. Clutch, Korea. Rings, H&M. Shoes, Julian Louie x Aldo.

What I put together for the competition. I ditched my clutch, got the shades, necklace and clutch from Oroton.

Photos by Viona and Oroton 

 Here comes to voting part, do support me if you like my outfit (if you don't you still have to support me, i kid i kid).

2 simple steps!
1) Go to Oroton's Facebook Page and 'Like' their page.
2) Then go HERE and place a nice comment about my outfit (nasty comments will be deleted according to Oroton's Marketing Department).

Voting ends on the 10th of August!

Much appreciated! After you vote, you can come find me and I'll give you a hug. Hur hur.