Oroton x 25.07.11

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Was invited to go down to MBS with Viona last Monday for a bloggers' event at Oroton.

We had no clue where the store was but it was kind of hard to miss it cause it's so shiny!

The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in was Oroton's campaign, it felt very Jak&Jil and guess what? I was right. The campaign was shot by Tommy Ton and styled by.. wait for it wait for it.. Taylor Tomasi! I really like it cause of the whole chill street style vibe to it and they used non-professional-model models for the campaign.

So basically we mingled, had some tapas, some drinks, the marketing department introduced us to the collection, the creative director explained and we had a mini style competition after that *insert shocked face*.

The bloggers Viona, Me (Venetia) and Vera plus Angela and Miranda from Oroton. THE Vs UNITE! Okay random. Sorry.

Miranda got me some flats to try on after I told her that I was looking (and still looking) for the perfect leather flats so that I can wear them to death (like my Schu leather flats). I was in love with the grey suede pair which was on sale for S$150.

They are so comfy! Unfortunately I didn't bring any of them back.

Anyways, I had to choose (not more than 5) items to spice up my outfit for the styling competition so I started scanning the store.

I love the Black and Olive Leather clutches! The leather is super soft and smooth, couldn't stop touching it (sounds wrong). I picked the Small Olive Clutch cause the colour goes well with my outfit.

When Tammi (Mercury PR) showed me this necklace (which I totally missed), I literally squealed. It's so nice! Obviously I wore this for my outfit as well.

And finally this pair of Tortoise Shell Shades.

Uber nice cuff which I'd love to own.

Before we left, Viona and I took a photo with Oroton's creative director Ana Maria. Even the paper bags are so shiny!

Photos by Viona and Oroton

Nope I didn't forget about my outfit, check out the next post!