Another Nail Tutorial!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Holika Holika sent me a press kit and it's time to do another easy peasy nail tutorial for everyone!

The nail polishes I will be using for this tutorial.
(L-R) Etude House Base Coat, Holika Holika Orange Polish, Taisu Nail Art Polish and Etude House Top Coat.

Nail Art Polishes have very thin and slim brushes so that you can use them to draw on your nails, I got this from Malaysia but you can purchase them in Daiso and other cosmetic shops as well.

Step One: Remove any nail polish you have on, then shape, trim and buff your nails to your desired shape.

Step Two: Apply the Base Coat on your nails and allow it to dry.

Step Three: Using the Holika Holika Orange Polish, apply the first layer and allow it to dry. It won't be totally solid after the first layer but no worries.

Note: Allow each layer of polish to dry before applying on the next layer to avoid air bubbles from forming and try to avoid using an electrical fan to speed up the drying process.

Step Four: Apply the second layer of Orange Polish and allow it to dry.

Tadah! Nice and solid looking Orange nails.

Step Five: This step is very crucial. You can decorate your nails with whatever designs you want using the Nail Art Polish, I've decided to go with a simple cross at the tip of my nails. For the cross, make sure there isn't too much polish on the brush, hold the brush steady then twist your finger and draw across at the same time. It takes practice so maybe you'd want to try drawing your nails before you start this tutorial.

Step Six: Make sure that your nail polish is dry then apply your Top Coat.

Extra step if needed: Use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish and remove any excess nail polish around your nails.

And you're done!

I like this tutorial a lot cause I think my nails look super cool.

I love Holika Holika's nail polishes!

I've got 2 more colours to experiment with so let me know what kind of nail designs you want me to try and I'll do my best to make another nail tutorial!

Have fun painting your nails!



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