PARCO next NEXT x 16.04.11

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alert alert! New wave of designers at PARCO next NEXT! Too bad I didn't take much photos that day.

Kenji gets the Best Store Display Award (if there is such an award). Their designs reminds me of Valentino.

Two of my favourite new designers at PARCO are A.K.A Wayward and Eve.

I love A.K.A Wayward cause their designs are classic with a dash of quirk, not over the top, just how I like it. I hope they'll venture into producing clothes for the ladies though.

How cute are those apple print collars?!

You can get their ties or handmade bows to add a twist to your outfit!

I absolutely love their campaign photos, adorable to the max!

Next is Eve. I almost missed this label when I was walking around but it was my lucky day cause I saw my ex-volleyball mate at the event and she introduced me to the designer of Eve (who's her friend).

I absolutely adore how the threads weave into a tweed like material, it has a Middle East vibe to it.

The materials that the designer used for this collection are the best, I can be a witness!

For more information do check out these links!

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  1. love your blog and the pictures :)
    greetings martin&vanessa