Breakfast & Earth Hour with Topshop x 26.03.11

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Way overdue.

Anyway, this may be my one of my last posts as a F3 Style Scout. Don't know if they want me back *hint hint*.

Had fun hanging out with my Scouties at the event and Emma (she signed up to be a Style Scout) too.

I love what Ginette was wearing for the event, hope she wears more of such cute outfits though it's not really her style but it looks super on her, yes?!


Loads of pink.

Quick snap with Ginette before Lenne and I had to zoom zoom down for Jasmine's wedding.
After the wedding, we changed up and went down to Knightsbridge again for Earth Hour!

The crew was giving out vouchers along the Orchard Road! I love their tees, so cute.

I got one whole stack! HA! Nah just kidding.

Frolick to cool ourselves while standing outside the store (no aircon!).

How cool are Josie's cherry earrings! Looks edible.

Time to light up for Earth Hour!

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  1. I love all the outfits everyone is wearing, great choices! Your blog is amazing I'm so in love with it!


  2. Wah why my hair so tame that day!? Why isn't it like that everyday ):

  3. lenne: you blow dried your hair that day what right? hahaha

  4. lenne: okay rephrase. u blow dry with care that day right? hahahaha