MFW 2011: Song for the Mute Backstage

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This is the last post for MFW 2011.

It has been a great journey and no doubt a tiring one. I finally got a taste of what it is like attending fashion shows everyday plus meeting awesome people at the after parties every other night. Am I ready for more? Bring it on!

Brought Lenne backstage cause she missed out so much!

Hi there!

It looks like the leopard is trying to climb a mountain of ruffles, yes?

Photographer slash stalker slash creepy much. Oh ya, check out that make up artist's top! Awesome much!

Lyna teaching the dressers how to tie the "foot wear thingy" for the show later.

Messing around with the mirrors.

Yu Ran looks good in Lenne's dress.

Me (almost no make up) with Melvin and Lyna after the show. Thanks Viona!

This would not be possible without the awesome people from WOM, Yu Ran, Viona, Lenne and of course Lionel! xoxo




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