MFW 2011: Singapore Showcase Backstage

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How about some photos of what happened right before the last show of Day 2?

I love all the hustle bustle that goes on and it's a pity that not many people get to see this side of fashion week.

Utt getting his hair done!

Make up artist at work.

Hair maestro, David Gan, with his team getting the extensions (from the previous show) out for the next one! Ouch.

Everyone meet Mitch Baker, he's one of my favourites during MFW. The designers love him too, he was booked for almost all the shows!

Hey there D!

Line up for the next show!

Designers making their final adjustments.

And getting interviewed.

All ready to roll! You can see Mitch was super stoked about it.



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