MFW 2011: Passion by David Gan & Jason

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of the reasons why I attended MFW, male MODELS! HELLO?! Obviously I'm there as much for the fashion as well.

Anyway, the Passion show on Day 2 was a mixture of everything. In no particular order, hot bods, upcoming hair styles (extensions for guys? *gasps*) and the apparels. Obviously there were fully clothed models but I prefer the photos I took for the semi-clothed ones, looks nicer.

I love the necklaces that the models wore! My eyes would automatically go to that area first, can't blame me right? But seriously, the neck pieces looked awesome.

Oops, no necklace for this one. Nice staff though!

Final walk with all the fully clothed models. Oh, see the snipped off shoulder length hair? Genius.

Nice necklace, yes? Hehe.

SEE! I'm not the only biased one, they wanted the all the hot bods to stand there while the rest weren't. I kid I kid.

Hope the ladies enjoyed this post!



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