Easy Peasy Nail Tutorial for Everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I know almost nuts about make up but I’m the Nail Guru! My friends know me as the nail-craze (second to shoes) cause I love painting my own nails (quite good at it actually) and I change my nail colour once or twice every week!

So this Nail Tutorial (proudly sponsored by Topshop Make Up) is for every lady out there who rather paint their own nails then pay $10 for an express manicure. 

Here are the things that you need! I love using Sally Hansen’s Nail Polish Removers cause they don’t make my nails brittle and peel (cheap removers will dry your nails!).

I’ve got the Topshop’s Under & Over Polish for the Base and Top Coat, twin pack Limited Edition Nail Polish from the Sandstorm Collection. Just get the twin pack cause it’s just S$19, why get one for S$13 right?

And of course you need some music to sing along while painting your nails, my choice for some out-of-tune singing is Switchfoot! Disclaimer: For those who are easily distracted or will be stressed under lots of noise, no music please.

Step One: Remove any nail polish you have on, then shape, trim and buff your nails to the desired shape! As I’ve done all that the day before, no photos (SORRY)! My nail shape is either Squoval or Round, depending on the length of it. AND why would anyone do Pointed unless they want to CLAW someone’s eyes out?!

Step Two: Use Under & Over on your nails for the Base Coat. The best way to paint your nails (IMHO) is to start from the middle part, brush from the back outwards steadily, then work on the sides (start from the back then brush outwards). Start from the middle cause the first brush after dipping it in the bottle has the most “polish”, so starting in the middle would allow you to spread the polish evenly afterward when you work on the sides.

Leave it on for a few minutes to dry.

Step Three: Apply the first layer of Turquoise using the same method. If it doesn’t appear solid (gaping holes showing your nails), not to worry, wait for the first layer to dry then add on a second layer. Disclaimer: Do not place your hands under or in front of a electrical fan to speed up the drying process, it will cause formation of air bubbles underneath the polish which will result in bumpy and disease looking nails.

Leave it on for 10-15mins.

This is the look that I want my nails to have, easy but awesome? YES!

Step Four: Using the Silver Metallic, make sure there isn’t a lot of polish, scrape any excess off the brush against the bottle when you take the brush out (we don’t want it to spread all over the nails cause we just want a clean stripe in the middle). Apply it in the middle and if it doesn’t appear solid, add on a second layer after the first layer dries. If you don’t want the stripe to look too thick, reduce the pressure when you brush it outwards OR you can use the thinner side of the brush instead.

Step Five: Leave it on to dry and when it’s almost HARD ROCK dry, use the Under & Over again for the Top Coat! I love Under & Over cause it’s 2 in 1, don’t have to buy 2 separate coats. :)

Hang on! We are almost done here!

Step Six: After it’s dry with the Top Coat, if you have any polish around your nails instead of ON the nail, dip a cotton bud with some remover and clear the mess! Disclaimer: If you are a pro = NO MESS, skip this step.

And you are DONE! Sorry if my stripes are wee bit too thick, I did everything in 10mins while taking photos of the whole process at the same time!

Of course you can do different variations like French Manicure or Polka Dots but this is the easiest I can think of.

Go down to the Topshop/Topman Knightsbridge store for the FULL RANGE of Make Up and grab the Limited Edition nail polish before it’s gone!




  1. That's cool. You have very pretty hands. You can be a hand model.


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