Dr. Martens Store Launch at Wheelock x 15.04.11

Friday, April 29, 2011

Dr. Martens finally opened another store after their flagship store launched in 2009! If you ask me, I prefer the concept of the new store cause the interior is so Old School Cool but it's smaller than the one in OC. Not that I'm complaining.

I've always loved shoes from Dr. Martens but I lack those model-esque mile long legs which doesn't allow me to wear them and look good at the same time. I can't really experiment a lot with DMs but I'm happy with the pair I have right now, it has always been my companion when I'm overseas. I don't know why but I just don't wear them when I'm in Singapore.

Anyhoos, here are some snaps of the launch day.

Pastel coloured DMs. Yummeh!

Favourite range, every guy should own a pair of these!

DM apparel and accessories for you?

Candy store.

Guests with awesome footwear.

Spot me!

If you're a leopard preen fan, you'd love these. DM just stocked up their stores with these Youth Range 6-Eye Boots and they are retailing at $149. I'm not so much of a leopard preen fan so you guys have one less competitor!

Photos: Dr. Martens and my own

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  1. awesome blog ^^ great story on the launch!
    love those pastel DMs!!!! ahhh gotta get some hahah


  2. kristie: thanks! ya i love them too! go get them! :)


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