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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Something I'd like to share with you guys by Garance Dore (with some editing by me since we're in Singapore and not Paris/Milan).

How To…
Be Assaulted by a Horde of StreetStyle Photographers (Myself included)

You think your look is as good as all the editors and stylists that you see on all the streetstyle blogs? You think it’s no fair that it’s always the same people?

So listen up, Paris fashion week (Audi Fashion Festival or Women's Fashion Week for us) is on the horizon and it’s your time to unleash your inner Anna Dello Russo. If you want to immortalize your look via a streetstyle photographer, don’t leave home without these tips:


Streetstyle photographers react to the most simple of stimuli. So to excite their instinct, make sure to :

• Wear colors —> It makes for photos that pop. (YES COLOURS!)

• Wear nothing but black —> You’ll look like a fashion editor. (Obviously with some layering/texture/structure if not you'll just look dead boring)

• Wear big sunglasses / Wear big corrective glasses / Wear a big hat —> The less you’re seen, the more you’re wanted.

• Wear heels. Super high ones OR/AND super bizarre OR/AND super colorful. If the heel is made of an old doorknob / legos / a stuffed animal, +2 pts.

• Mix improbable prints.

• Wear open-toed shoes without stockings in the snow / fur in summer —> dressing for the wrong season is very in fashion. (Doesn't really matter to us since it doesn't snow here but a bit of faux fur would be good)

• Wear the pièce de resistance of the season. This season, it’s :
- A long skirt (make sure you have the burst of wind to go with)
- Anything from Prada.
- An enormous fur
- Leopard print (a little last season, but still works)
• Wear something wtf. —> Wear a shoe as a hat, make a skirt from your shower curtain, steal some construction worker’s uniform to go with your Jil Sander plastic bag. It’s miraculous how well these things work. (Make sure you can carry it off)


If you have only 2 of the 10 elements listed above, you still have a chance of getting a snapshot taken. The secret? Have the right attitude.

• Attitude #1 = Have a telephone, of course! But not so fast, don’t you dare talk, it doesn’t photograph well. Just listen, or even better, send a text. (Works all the time)

• Attitude # 2 = Look busy! Have a fancy invitation in your hand (—> you’ve got somewhere to be)(You don’t have one? Just grab pretty much any half-sheet of paper and you’re set) and walk fast (—> your driver’s waiting on you, you’re so important) with the sense that you just want to be left alone, but not too much now (be careful to keep moderation). (HAHAHA!)

• Attitude #3 = Hail a cab like a ballerina would dance Swan Lake. Long lines ladies! (Since we can't hail a cab anywhere along Orchard Road cause it's against the law and the cabs won't stop anyway, I guess we still have to queue for it at the cab stand)

PS : Are you arriving by taxi? NEVER get out right by the entrance, big mistake. Get out on the other side of the street at the very least. You need to give the photographers some time to find you. (THIS IS A MUST DO!)

WARNING : Anna Dello Russo gets there at the same time as you? (In our case, Dr Georgia Lee)

You’re gonna miss your entrance. Give her about 10 minutes to let her have her wow moment, that’s the least amount of time it’ll take her to parkour herself to the show entrance.


Streetstyle photographers are always attracted by other streetstyle photographers, no matter what outfit you’re wearing.

If you really have tried everything and you’re about to throw in the towel, bring a two or three friends with you with big cameras and have them run around in front of you taking your picture. (I think it'll just look weird if anyone does that in Singapore cause there aren't many local street style photographers anyway)


Find Anna Dello Russo, Giovanna Battaglia or Taylor Tomasi Hill and just attach yourself to them while they’re getting their pictures taken.With a little luck, you’ll end up in one of the photos. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?


Streetstyle photographers are like hunters : they don’t like too easy of prey, no matter how chic they are. Don’t platter yourself up, meaning, don’t just stand there in the position TAKE MY PICTURE in front of a show. Let yourself be desired. Or hey, even be uncooperative, it’ll make getting a good picture that much better – Everyone wants to get the perfect picture of Anna Wintour because she would never stop to have her picture taken.


• If they ask who you are, pretend like you can’t speak English, or French, or Japanese, or anything really. Just say your name and let them imagine you are the editor in chief of Vogue from the Federated States of Micronesia. (DON'T DO THIS, you'll just sound fake. Unless you don't look like a Singaporean or can speak Japanese/Korean/some obscure language)

• If they ask you who you’re wearing and you don’t want to say it’s Target, even if it’s brand new, say vintage. (Just say you can't remember)

• Never ask where you’ll be able to see the photo (see “don’t look desperate” above). (Just ask what is this for when they ask you for a photo, if they don't give you a namecard or URL after that then FORGET IT!)

PS : It’s useless to go parading yourself around in front of a night show. The lighting is terrible. Streetstyle photographers aren’t out at night, seeing as that’s photo editing time. (Super true, HATE using flash for street style photos)

And then next time around, I’ll have to explain how to NOT Get Assaulted by a Horde of Streetstyle Photographers, because being a star of streestyle blogs is sais to be awfully exhausting. Big hugs!


Hope you've learnt something!




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