TOPSHOP x Ginette Chittick

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

After my DP fitting, I went straight down to Knightsbridge to meet up with Josie, Ginette and the Topshop team cause I had to cover Ginette's fitting. Topshop is going to have a DNA Breakfast event as well but it's going to be on this Saturday instead.

Yummy fruit tarts!

Even more yummy accessories.

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Choosing the accessories.

Ahh. Shoes!

Ginette, "Hey Josie, which one looks better?"

Went out to pick key pieces for the DNA event.

Wrapping up with a briefing of the Spring Lookbook.

End this post off with Anny and Ginette!

Which Ginette outfit is your favourite?




  1. I like the 2nd outfit best but I think it would look better with a shorter skirt because the vest itself it a long block of color. She's so cute though! Not everyone can pull off that haircut.

  2. yea i don't really fancy it cause the proportions look weird. haha. i know right! bowl hair cut.