Photoshoot: Outdoor Hotness

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's about a girl who's running away from her all too prim and proper life.

Model: Diyanah M.
Photographer: Lenne C. (
Stylist: Venetia S. (
Makeup: Joshua W. (
Hair: Christian G
Ph. Assistant: Togusa C. (
Special Thanks to: Depression, A Curious Teepee, To The Nines, La Belle, Reckless Ericka, Mae Pang, Desmond Wee, John Voon, Munira Maricar, Jiang Yiu Yiu

Finally the photos are up! Preparation for this shoot was hell as compared to the previous one, 2 nights of bleaching and dye-ing Diyanah's hair, me styling and packing on the night before and everyone only had around 1-2 hours of sleep before the shoot (except Togu and Josh). It was a super tiring day and everyone was exhausted after a full day shoot but it was all worth it cause the photos turned out really nice, yes?

Lenne, Diyanah, Chris, Togu and Joshua thank you guys so so much!

Lenne and I are in the midst of planning another shoot, it's for the Harper's Bazaar Photography Awards. Wish us luck!