Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I wore on the first day of Chinese New Year, Jil Sander Spring 2011 oriental style. I had the idea ever since I saw the collection and I wanted to go to the tailors but no one would do it cause they were too busy with alterations. So I had to "abandon ship" until I remembered that Stacey has an online store selling clothes she makes so I sms-ed her and she agreed to do it for me! I was ecstatic but then I realised that it was 3 days to CNY so we had to get everything asap. Went to get fabric and materials at Chinatown the day before CNY eve but only 2 fabric stores were opened and I couldn't find the right fabric in the right shade of pink. So both of us had this crazy idea of using the qipao material since it was in the right shade of pink and it's CNY!

And tadah! She made it and I picked it up the next day. Super happy with it. Thanks Stacey!

Uber love this necklace from Topshop.

Tee, Uniqlo. Skirt, Made by Stacey. Necklace, Topshop. Ring, YSL (not pictured). Shoes, Vestiges (this one).




  1. This is a nice outfit, it's really simple. I like. :D

  2. Ooo, the fabrics look so smooth and comfy!

  3. gazel: thanks!

    lenne: hahaha. we were super lucky!

    stina: yes it is! :)