Blackmarket 2

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lenne and I went to visit BM2 a couple weeks ago cause we couldn't make it for the soft launch. I was really excited cause I love BM at Jalan Pisang and I was wondering what BM2 had in stores for me, boy they do not disappoint. Though the store may look bit empty right now (due to the massive area!), Jasmine reassured me that she's in the midst of bringing more apparels, accessories and shoes in!

An area for Pop Up stores and the really cool dressing room at the side.

ProudRace accessories!

Vintage Sunnies anyone?

How cool are these pins?! Designed after our old school playgrounds (with actual sand and not rubber)!

Handmade harnesses and leather bags.

Nice view of Orchard Road.

Current obsession, Black/Red.

I think everyone will love this part of the store when they step into BM2. Those are storage shelves/drawers! Cute huh?

Jasmine playing with it. She said that it's her favourite part of the store cause it's like the shelves of a Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic.

Me taking a photo of Lenne taking a photo of Jasmine. Heh.

BM2 houses different labels and apparels from BM, so do drop by Orchard Central #02-10 to check BM2 out!

If you want to know more about BM/BM2, go over to their blog.




  1. amazing! i love the vintage sunnies and the harnesses! in need of one myself!

  2. yeaps! those harnesses are awesome!