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Thursday, January 20, 2011

To school. This maxi skirt I got from Zara during the sales is my absolute favourite right now.

Got it during my trip to HK, this beats the Fendi Peekaboo/YSL Muse Two I've been thinking about anytime.

The closest I'd ever get to a real pair of Alaia's (period).

Silk top, Topshop. Skirt, Zara. Belt, Topshop. Rings, YSL / Topshop. Bag, Prada. Shoes, Vestiges.

I know some of you must be wondering why I never EVER wear anything that reveals my legs. Well, I've acquired new scars from a bad bout of rashes on my legs (yes i know FML TTM). Seriously, my legs are ugly enough and I feel like scratching the skin out of them sometimes. Oh, plus I'd always get bad reactions to hair removal creams or wax strips, my skin's seriously too sensitive. I hate my legs.

Can't wait to go get all my leg hair and scars laser-ed off permanently when I start working next time. My first pay cheque would be going to those treatments.

To comfort myself, I got 2 pairs of shoes.


Venetia's Ugly Legs


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