Awesome Shopping Places in Hong Kong!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just got back from a short trip to shopping heaven HONG KONG! And since some of my blog readers asked for recommendations on places to shop, I’m here to share some of the awesome shopping places to check out if you guys are going down!

How can anyone miss out on H&M when they go to Hong Kong? There are 7 outlets there, you can go to H&M’s website to check out the locations. I know H&M will be here on our shores next fall but WHAT THE HECK, I’m still going to buy some stuff from there.

There’s this really cool shop called Initial and they have a few branches in HK, this is the one in Central. If you’re into artsy fartsy clothes and lifestyle stuff, this is the store to visit.

Langham Place at Mong Kok! Why do I love this place?

Cause they have MONKI! If you love H&M, you will love Monki and the best thing is that their price range is lower than H&M. SPLURGE AWAY! Oh and they have a H&M in Langham Place as well, you can see it on the background.

Argyle Centre at Mong Kok, it’s kind of like Far East Plaza cept more awesome.

The One at Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s a new shopping mall and they have quite a lot of food and cool shops in there. Reminds me a bit of Orchard Central. There are tonnes of shops in Tsim Sha Tsui (Kimberley Road, Granville Road, Cameron Road) so walk around and explore!

Hong Kong Industrial Centre at Lai Chi Kok, it’s their wholesale centre (HK’s version of our City Plaza) and they start relatively early but don’t go on a Sunday cause none of the stores would be opened!

There wasn’t much for me to get at HK Industrial Centre cause everything was for winter but you can still go down to check it out to snag some accessories and stuff from their seasonal sales.

Fashion Walk at Causeway Bay. They have tonnes of designers and multi-label stores there. By the way did you know that almost everything is Tax Free in HK? One more reason to splurge!

Causeway Bay is huge and there’re tonnes of little shopping malls around Jerdine Crescent, Kingston Street and Paterson Road. So go on and EXPLORE!

Outlets/Warehouses! One of the main reasons why I go to HK. Designer shoes ranging from S$200 to S$600 and designer bags going at half of the original prices! Horizon Plaza at Ap Lei Chau is filled with goodies from Marni to Givenchy to Alexander Wang and the list goes on and on and on. There aren’t any train stations there so you will have to take a cab. Oh and there’s another outlet near Horizon Plaza, PRADA! I totally forgot what the street name is but it’s next to a market and a bus terminal. I told that to the cab driver and he understood where I wanted to go. PRADA Outlet is awesome! Almost all the stuff there are half priced.

The other outlet place to go is Citygate Outlets at Tung Chung, it’s quite far from town cause it’s only one stop from the airport. So maybe go there when you’ve time to spare or if you’ve got a few hours before boarding a flight back and do some last minute shopping. The main attractions are Burberry and Coach.

So I came back with a bag full of clothes and a bag (proudly sponsored by my parents). I'm kind of sad that I didn't manage to get any shoes cause it's either they didn't have my size (Marni) or the shoes are too bloody uncomfortable (Balenciaga and Givenchy).

Yeaps that’s all from me! You can always go Google for touristy places if you aren’t there for 100% pure shopping.




  1. lovely recommendations! I love initial! one of my favorite stores in hong kong! all their clothing is designed by hong kong designers! I find that absolutely amazing!

  2. Hey babe! Would love to find out the price range in Initial :) Checked out their website and I'm hooked already!

  3. HK is awesome to shop! Another great thing about HK is their yummy street food. Hehee.

  4. Larissa: oh thank you! yea i love the staff who're working there as well. super cool. do you know what is the price range like?

  5. krystalleee: yea! so sorry but i don't know how much are the pieces cause i was so busy awe-ing at the stuff and people there. haha

  6. Gazel: yeaps! i ate non-stop! =x

  7. hihi! I'm loving your blog, but just one question, which hotel did you stay in hong kong? (:

  8. glistenance: thank you! i stayed in butterfly at morrison.